Wing IDE Maya Setup Problem - ImportError: No module named maya.standalone

So I just started using Wing IDE to debug my Maya Python code. The setup was less than graceful as I ran into an error after following the setup tutorial.

Auto-completion was working so I tried to run the code:

      #opens maya externally and creates a cube and saves the cube as

import maya.standalone
import maya.cmds as cmds

But I kept getting the error:

ImportError: No module named maya.standalone

I had made sure to set my Python Path to:

"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012\devkit\other\pymel\extras\completion\pi"

but was still getting the error.

My solution was that I had to set my Python Executable to the mayapy.exe which for me was at:

"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012\bin\mayapy.exe"

Once that was pathed correctly everything worked.

You can access the Python Path and Python Executable from Project>Project Properties under the Environment tab.

Hope this was helpful!


These sources helped me figure this out:


My version of Wing IDE = 4.1.8-2 (rev 27211)

My python version = 2.7.2

Maya version = 2012

OS = Windows 7 64 bit


Ford Driving Skills For Life Game

Project Length: 19 weeks

Project Finished: September 2012

Role: 3D Artist

Team Size: 10

Platform: Web

Client: Ford Driving Skills For Life through GEL Lab


  • Modeled all cars including tires and some of the traffic assets.
  • Rigged all assets and created some animations.
  • Created Vehicle Handling Course in Unity.
  • Did some of the texture and UV work.

 play here






The IK/FK Switch in Maya

I've been doing some research on IK/FK switching solutions for Maya because I think it is one of the more interesting and practical problems to encouter while Rigging. I have found 4 different methods to achieve a seamless IK/FK switch in Maya.

1. Use HIK in Maya or use another middleware/plugin. HIK is a probably more powerful than anything you would make on your own, but, you have to do it their way and use HIK for your entire rig to take advantage of it. It also only works for bipeds.

2. Create 3 different bones, make one IK, leave one alone (FK) and then orient constrain the third to the IK and FK bones respectively. You then use Set Driven Keys to lerp between the two. It is an easy solution that has the potential to produce some decent results.

3. Create a button that switches between IK and FK. The button takes the transforms from either FK or IK and then enables or disables IK and passes the transforms back into your joints and pole vector position.

4. Use scriptJob to have everything done automatically for you. This is the most complicated but in my opinion the sexiest way to do an IK/FK switch. It would take me a while to describe so I'm not going to bother. *There may be performance issues with this method as well because of how many times scriptJob is called so take note.

There are probably more ways to acheive an IK/FK switch but these are a few solid ways. Checkout the discussion on if you're interested in continuing research on IK/FK switch:


Tactical First Person Shooter Prototype

Project Length: 16 weeks

Project Finished: May 2012

Role: 3D Artist

Team Size: 7

Platform: iPad

Client: Motown Gamers through MSU Game Design Specialization


  • iPad Exclusive Prototype
  • Rigged all hand and gun models.
  • Animations on all characters (unrefined).
  • Helped finish and polish some of the 3d assets in the prototype.





PassAData Version 1.0


  • Python script for Maya.
  • Passes animation data within different maya scenes on different meshes applied to the same rigg.
  • Uses JSON to write and load files





Current Issues to be improved in later versions:

  • Passes information via naming conventions - will switch to a hierachy based system in future. Joints have to be same name!
  • Have not addressed ability to apply animations to different riggs.
  • The scale of the scene affects the animation transfer when applied. Whatever the scale is in the animation your exporting from has to be the same as the one your applying to.
  • Want to add functionality to let you choose which data to export and import.
  • Animation keyframes need clean-up because currently every frame of animation is keyed when applied.